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Curating a Cultural Show

Les Clay's Epic Cultural Show at the Michigan Immigrant Youth Conference!


Picture this: young people from all walks of life, united under one roof, learning, connecting, and getting inspired to make a difference. The Michigan Immigrant Youth Conference brought together immigration experts, leaders, and passionate individuals to empower our immigrant youth and amplify their voices.

It's like the Avengers assembling, but with less spandex and more heart.

But wait, there's more! Les Clay took center stage as we curated a cultural show that left everyone breathless. We scoured the land for local talent, and boy, did we deliver! Attendees had the opportunity to dance to the enchanting rhythms of ZunZun Cuban Salsa Group and to lose themselves to the infectious beats of Thowra Dabke. What a treat!

But it didn't stop there, my friends. We were graced with an electric dance extravaganza courtesy of Seben Dance, who transported us straight to the heart of Africa. And let's not forget the Soul Sisters, whose harmonies from Rwanda filled the air with pure magic. Jason Paulraj, representing India, also made sure our spirits soared with his incredible music.

And just when we thought it couldn't get any better, the stage belonged to Les Clay's own band. Inviting the audience to dance along to the vibrant beats of authentic Congolese music. Trust us when we say it was like a party on another level!

Les Clay truly made the Michigan Immigrant Youth Conference an experience to remember. By showcasing a tapestry of diverse cultures through music and dance, they reminded us that unity and celebration are the keys to a brighter future. So, next time you hear the name Les Clay, get ready to groove and celebrate the beauty of cultural exchange!

Stay tuned, folks!

Side note: The Youth Conference could not have been possible without the partnership of organizations such as Bethany Christian Services, Church World Service, West Michigan Asian American Association, City of Grand Rapids Office of Equity and Engagement and more. They all came together to provide countless opportunities and resources for immigrant youth. Our own bandmates benefited heavily from the contributions of all these organizations, partners, sponsors, and volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who participated one way or the other.

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