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Nuru Kids summer art camp is an opportunity for kids of all ages to express their creativity, build memories, have fun, and try something new.

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Ecclesiastes 3:11

He has made everything beautiful in its time!

Nuru Summer Art Camp offers children the chance to explore their faith through music, dance, and visual arts, encouraging spiritual growth in a supportive environment.

July 24th to July 28th 

11am to 3 pm

1258 Madison Ave SE

Grand Rapids, MI, 49507

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“I know who I am”

In partnership with Oakdale neighbors Learning Café, Les Clay’s art camp will focus on self-discovery and building confidence in ourselves, with the theme of “I know who I am”, inspired by the bible verse, Proverbs 139:14.
Everyone is welcome to participate whether it be through signing up a child for the program, volunteering, or even just coming to the final show.


“A city set on a hill”

The year 2021 saw significant participation of kids and volunteers in the weeklong art camp, with over 20 kids and 15 volunteers.

With a focus on music, dance, and art, the kids worked on their crafts and presented them to their parents on the final Friday.

This was a time of learning and great merriment! 

This year’s theme from the book of Mathew 5:14 challenged the kids to share the love of Jesus with their friends, family, and community. Through bible teachings, Age-appropriate activities, and curriculum, the children learned the importance of being light in their world. They learned how to positively impact their communities for Jesus.

“Jesus is bigger than the boogie man”

Due to COVID-19, this was a smaller scale camp. A group of 9 children came together for a weekend-long sleepover and at the end, they took a trip to Meijer Gardens and had a mini film competition where they were challenged to film and edit short videos on the camp's theme.

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Bible verse from art camp 2020

“We are the light of the world”

This was a themed fashion show with dance and music performances during the event. The kids spent a month preparing for the show and they were able to present their work to their families at the end of the month during the fashion show. 23 kids participated.

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